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About me

Welcome to ArchCars, where you'll find high quality 3D vehicle models aimed for the architecture visualization market, at a very competitive price. They're also suitable for using in animations, simulations, close-up renders, or any other CGI project that requires good-looking and realistic vehicles, ready to be used in your 3D studio max scene with vray, saving a lot of time in the process and only worrying about the final result of your render.

  • - Some of the features you'll find in the 3D models offered at my site:

  • - Format:.max (and .obj for cars only), as early from max 9 on earlier models up to 2009, which is my standard right now.

  • - Have the same v-ray materials applied that you see on the previews, simplified into a multi/sub mat with different Ids for each part.

  • - Uncollapsed mesh with Turbosmooth applied, so polycount can range from 8.000-25.000 polygons to higher if needed, for an easier integration into your scene.

  • - Scaled to the real measurements of the car, in milimeters.

  • - Body, interior and wheels are separate objects, making them easier to animate.

If you'd like to buy more than 10 models at once you can contact me at info@archcars.net and you'll get a special discount. I can also make custom modeling work, based on these models or new ones on request. Just send me an e-mail asking for a quote on what you need done.
I can also offer different formats on request, if you need them in C4D, Maya, Lightwave, XSI, Modo. Just ask and I'll do my best to help.
Satisfaction guaranteed with all the models on my site. You get what you pay for and even more than other sites which offer cars at higher prices but end up with an unnecesary complex 3D model.

Terms of use:

Feel free to use my 3D models for any kind of personal or commercial projects, digital or printed. You are not allowed to sell or resell these 3D models in any form or media; not even any modified versions.
I keep the copyright on the 3D models, but each manufacturer brand has its owner and I can't give you the rights to use their logos, emblems or any registered trademark for commercial purposes.

Who's the guy behind all this?

My name is Alberto Daniel Russo. I've been a car modeler and motorcycle enthusiast for over 10 years now, and my experience has led me to create useful 3D models for today's demanding market, being able to offer a product with a very good quality for its price and more, since it doesn`t take me a lot of time to make them.
Feel free to get in touch if you'd like me to work on your project. You can always find more info about me on my LinkedIn profile:


And please visit my online portfolio: http://www.a3drstudio.com/